Yavapai UAS Test Range


Located just outside of the city of Fountain Hills, AZ, the Yavapai UAS Test Range was developed as a joint venture between Synergy Geomatics and the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation.  The site is co-located with an operating quarry and is bordered on three sides by undeveloped land.  Just two miles away is the Wekopa Resort and Conference Center offering top-tier lodging and conference facilities in addition to a casino and golf course.  The test site offers safe airspace and excellent land surfaces for testing aerial survey systems.

Site Applications

Accuracy Testing

The Yavapai UAS test range was created to improve the accuracy of UAS systems.  We have placed over 150 GCPs and 700  ground topography points to create a reference base for measuring real-world accuracy on a site with a balance of features applicable to surveying.  Facilities on site allow a user to rapidly acquire and processes data while manipulating variables between flights.  There are several static stockpiles with accurate reference volumes and an operating quarry with a variety of aggregate stockpiles.  On the south side of the side, we have created a corridor testing area over a mile long with GCPs placed every 300′.   Further to the south is steep vertical terrain of with mixed light vegetation and large rocks.

Demonstration Area

Arizona is recognized as the some of the best flying weather in the world and is host to several flight schools from companies such as Luftansa and the USAF.  We have over 296 days of a year of sunshine a year.  Our terrain is naturally suited for photogrammetry with minimal grass and vegetation.  The site itself has a large, flat take off and landing area, covered in smooth sand.  After several hundred flights, we have yet to damage a UAS due to terrain irregularity.  This makes for a great client meeting area and has the right conditions to guarantee a great system demonstration.   We’ve provided demonstrations to large groups and then made the short journey to the conference center to continue with detailed presentations.

UAS Training Site

Don’t let the weather ruin your training calendar.  If you are looking for the ultimate location to provide day to week long training classes, you have come to the right place.  On the site is a training room and within 10 minutes is a hotel will full conference facilities and media centers to accommodate small to large groups.  Safe, uninterrupted training with a variety of relevant surfaces from an operating quarry, corridor, stockpiles, vegetated terrain, and covered with permanently installed GCPs.  We have extensive test data, fully processed and available to expedite initial training classes.