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Synergy Geomatics LLC provides survey grade geospatial and inspection data to the engineering, mining, and construction industries – faster, safer, at higher quality and at lower costs than traditional aerial or land survey companies. Our formula for success blends experience with technology to collect, process and deliver data providing a remarkable value to our clients.

Who we are

We are a partnership of technical and operational experts in the field of geomatics -the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data relating to the earth’s surface.   We bring together senior talent from surveying, geodesy, manned and unmanned aircraft based photogrammetry to solve problems.  Our domain expertise, coupled with the latest technology delivers uncommon results for our clients.    Our target industries include:

  • Heavy civil
  • Mining
  • Pipeline
  • Solar field
  • Environmental engineering
  • Disaster response mapping
  • Landfill monitoring/modeling
  • Tower, Bridge & Structure inspection

What we do

We specialize in the modeling of land surfaces, both natural and improved.   Our collection rate, accuracy, and time to deliverable are unmatched in the industry.  With a suite of cutting-edge tools across several domains of expertise, we can cut costs, while increasing quality and speed of delivery.

Our broad range of geomatics services includes:

  • High accuracy surface model development – TIN/DSM/DEM/Contour
    • 5 to 50,000 acres
    • Validated accuracy using the latest industry standards
  • Precision Orthography:  1cm, 0.03′  –  15cm, 0.5′  Ground Sampling Distance (GSD)
  • Machine control models and construction takeoffs
  • Quarry mapping and inventory
  • Wide area and long corridor mapping
  • LiDAR – From interiors of buildings to massive topographic sites
  • Architectural – Revit models, reliable as-built drawings
  • Survey control, ALTA, topo, boundary

What this means to you

  • Topographic Data Faster ...much faster

    We have multiple platforms and methods to acquire data quickly and accurately with a minimum impact to current operations.  Coupled with our tailor made computing platforms for SfM processing, we can deliver within days rather than weeks.

  • High Quality Deliverables

    Our process yields higher quality data – accuracy, precision, and resolution are increased over traditional methods.  We focus on post-processing compatibility with your system so there is no delay in translation or loss of quality across software platforms.

  • Reduce or remove risk

    Our systems and processes increase safety by extending operations over the site rather than on the surface.  We frequently collect data from locations that are unsafe for workers.

  • Data Frequency

    Quick acquisition and delivery at a lower cost.  Get the data you need faster and at a higher frequency to support your decision making.

  • Economically Valued

    Our goal is to deliver problem solving data, quickly and at a highly competitive price with quality that exceeds your expectations.

  • Streamlined operations

    Don’t wait weeks for your data.  Using a blended approach between terrestrial and aerial collection, we are able to provide complete design deliverables – ALTA and design topo in a single operational event.

  • Full regulatory compliance

    We don’t compromise– we adapt to meet regulatory restrictions, particularly on the use of UAS.    Our operations meet all FAA, MSHA, state and local regulations.

  • Expand Your Reach

    Our multi-system approach gives us the ability to gather data anywhere up to 50,000 acres/day.  We have surveyed everything from airports to high-risk areas in open pit mines.

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